MIDIPeri(Origin) Release!

Timecode-Vision has released MIDIPeri(Origin) on Q4 2015. It is a BLE-MIDI adapter that can implement with:

1)Interface between MIDI Device and Computer/MobilePhone bundled with BLE modules and supporting BLE-MIDI services;

2)Bi-direction MIDI Messages transmission, MIDI to BLE-MIDI and BLE-MIDI to MIDI;

3)Encode/Decode MIDI Messages, including
Channel Messages(Voice Messages, Mode Messages);
System Messages(Exclusive Messages, Realtime Messages, Common Messages);

4)Compatible with more appstore application, example GarageBand;

5)more surpporting on Win10/Android(UserGuide will update later);

MIDIPeri(Origin) Function:
 Spec:         MIDI v1.0 & MIDI over Bluetooth Low Energy v1.0
 Jack:         MIDI IN & MIDI OUT(DIN-5)
 OS:           MacOS (OS X Yosemite and above)
               iOS (iOS 8.0 and above)
 PowerSupply:  Size AA LR6 x 2
               Reverse Battery Protection